PQ-S analyzer and data logger, 0.5S sub-meter, with monochromatic graphic display, wide offer of additional inputs and outputs, panel mounted in 144x144mm

SMZ 133 is an energy meter and precise analyzer intended for use in industrial automation, smart grids and other demanding projects. It can work as a standalone unit as well as a control and display unit for other simpler slaves (see Modbus master firmware module, MM). Measurement inputs are designed for industrial environments. Four voltage and four current channels are available to cover all connection scenarios. It measures and records all common parameters: frequency, line and phase voltages, currents, loads, active and reactive powers, true and displacement power factors, unbalances and up to 50 harmonics as well as the total harmonic distortion.

It can optionally monitor power quality (with PQ-S module - inter-harmonics, flicker, voltage events), record transients (with GO module) and the ripple control signals (RCS module).

Optional relay or SSR outputs can be programmed to control other equipment based on measured values (useful for fan control, over-voltage/over-current PQ relaying etc). Impulse outputs can also forward metered values as an S0 output. USB port provides quick, easy and reliable means for configuration and data acquisition. Optional serial or Ethernet interface (with web server, Modbus TCP, SNTP, DNS, SNMP, DHCP...) allows it to be remotely managed via the ENVIS application. In combination with ENVIS.Online service its actual and recorded values can be also periodically downloaded and stored to the SQL database for further processing.

Key features

  • supports both low and high voltage applications (direct or VT connection)
  • 3x standard X/5A and X/1A CT options with more than 200% linearity range
  • cl. 0.5S (active), cl. 1 (reactive), class A power quality, 28kHz sampling rate ...
  • precision classes for measured quantities specified according to 61557-12
  • measures and registers average and max demand
  • 512MB internal memory for periodical recording, automatic meter readings, power quality datasets etc.
  • large graphic display
  • evaluation of total harmonic distortion (THD), up to 50 harmonics
  • pulse outputs and programmable alarm relays, digital, pulse and analog inputs, pt100 temperature and other interfaces
  • remote RS 485 and fast Ethernet communication