Real-time (fast) single- and three-phase PFC

NOVAR 1312 and NOVAR 1312-3 power factor controllers are fully automatic controllers for dynamic compensation systems. It can control fast thyristor switched capacitor banks for real-time response to changes of power factor. Its processor and algorithm allows up to 25 control interventions in one second. Together with KATKA thyristor switching modules it provides perfect control of fast PFC cabinet.

The controller can also be used in combined systems where both KATKA thyristor switching modules and classical electromechanical contactors are used together. Optional RS-485 communication port allows to monitor all measurement values and set instrument parameters using a remote PC.

NOVAR 1312-3 is a special option with 3 independent current inputs. It measures sum of all three current signals instead of just one. Therefore, it allows compensation according to a more relevant three-phase power factor under unbalanced conditions. For a full-featured three-phase power factor controller see the NOVAR 2700 and other NOVAR 2000 products.

Key features

  • up to 25 control intervention per second
  • 12 transistor switched outputs and 2 conventional relay outputs + alarm
  • up to 14 outputs and 1 alarm relay
  • compatible with KATKA Thyristor Switching Modules
  • allows combined compensation systems for both thyristor switching modules and mechanical contactors
  • optional supply voltage up to 500 V (/S400 models)
  • automatic setup and simple configuration
  • precise measurement and control functions under distortion
  • evaluation of total harmonic distortion
  • evaluation of current harmonic load for capacitor protection
  • built-in temperature sensor
  • optional alarm or cooling/heating control relay